benefits of mykidslunchbox

Benefits for Canteens / Schools/ Uniform shops

- Simple to use. Free training also provided.

- No cost or contracts for the canteen or school.

- Increased cash flow, volunteer rate and efficiency.

- Ability to upload P and C updates / newsletters directly to parents.

- Access to financials and stock reports.

- Order stock easier with the click of a button.

- Reduce OHS issues with allergy warnings that are inbuilt into the system.

- Parents will use Eway which is a well known encrypted secure online payment system to ensure all credit card details are kept safe.

My Kids Lunch Box software brings canteens into the 21st Century. Implementing this software within a canteen/deli/uniform shop environment will help increase efficiency in a transaction.

We hope to make every transaction at the canteen to not involve cash. This will reduce the need to handle money and speed up the canteen line. Canteen staff and volunteers can prepare exactly what needs to be made. The software can enhance sales and collect online sales for the canteen increasing profits.

Within the website there is also an opportunity for Canteens and P + C’s to upload newsletters and notices directly to Parents. For example, if the canteen is finding it hard to find more volunteers simply post it directly on the site so Parents can see it straight away. Encourage healthy eating, through the use of the Traffic Light system and detailed nutritional information on each item.

As orders are placed in advance, staffing and stock can be organized making it much easier for volunteers and canteen staff.

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